Justice League of America Issue 3 Slave Ship of Space (1961) – Review


Get Your Copy of Justice League of America: Silver Age Vol. 1 on Amazon, Kindle, or ComiXology
Get Your Copy of Justice League of America: Silver Age Vol. 1 on Amazon, Kindle, or ComiXology

By Ricardo ‘Rease’ Butler


This issue is from the Justice League of America: Silver Age Vol. 1 series.


In this issue we get our guest and the very first appearance from Kanjar Ro in DC comics. He was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.


Kanjar Ro comes as a dictator from his home planet of Dhor to capture 6 members of the Justice League by disabling their communicators with his golden he strikes on an oddly shaped bell. This sends floods of vibrations across the galaxy towards earth.

Also with a tiny bell, he can also slow down time to a halt thereby freezing the Justice League of America members Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and their trusty aid Snapper Car.


Superman happens to be off world as Kanjar reveals to the JLA that he needs them to help him defeat other dictators on nearby planets in his solar system. Kanjar also has the ability to read the JLA’s minds as they try to figure out ways to free themselves and come up with a better solution to Kanjar Ro’s war with the other worlds.


To get the Justice League to comply, Kanjar uses another sound devise he calls the Gamma Metal Gong to send a vibration all over earth to keep the planet frozen stiff forever if the JLA doesn’t help him defeat his three enemies.


Kanjar then uses his mini space boat that enlarges for all of the JLA to get in as they each row away to the planet Dhor. Kanjar leaves behind Batman and Snapper Carr in a trap set for Superman when he comes back from outer space. Superman falls for the trap as his trips a beam that releases a gas form of Kryptonite to render the Man of Steel helpless.


As they draw near Kanjar Ro’s solar system, he sends out the JLA to the three planets. He sends Martian Manhunter to capture Kromm Gromar. He sends Aquaman and Wonder Woman to capture Hyathis. And he sends Flash and Green Lantern to capture Sayyar.


Apparently before all this, Kanjar Ro reveals that if all three of his enemies say his name at the same time it would reverse the frozen effect of earth’s people. Luckily Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman recorded Kanjar Ro’s enemies during their bouts before their capture. So they take Kanjar captive and return to Earth to free Superman from the Kryptonite gas. They then the JLA members use the voices saying Kanjar’s name to free Batman and Snapper Carr.


Superman flies into space and finds a meteor shower that he uses some of the meteors and throws them together to create a whole new planet! WHAT!?! As that planet fully develops, the JLA put Kanjar and his three adversaries on this planet as sort of a prison so the four would learn to live in peace by learning how to survive together on this new world. Green Lantern uses his power ring to create and atmosphere to support life for them to live as well as creates a barrier so the four will not be able to escape. Superman and Green Lantern promises that if these four could get their acts together they would return and free them.


Get Your Copy of Justice League of America: Silver Age Vol. 1 on Amazon, Kindle, or ComiXology
Get Your Copy of Justice League of America: Silver Age Vol. 1 on Amazon, Kindle, or ComiXology

My Thoughts on this Story


I thought this was a cool and fun story that shows off how interesting the JLA could use their powers in creative ways that we do not see much of in today’s Justice League stories. I know a lot of other stories show off how corny or useless their powers could be, but in this story I liked the way they used their powers and is inline totally to what they are capable of. I wish more writers would be bold enough to imagine other usages of the JLA’s powers. It would make for a more interesting story be imagining potential over limiting them to what favored or preferred.



Favorite Panel of the Week

Wonder Woman Vs. Hyathis
Wonder Woman Vs. Hyathis

I usually choose panel based upon how cool it looks to me or how the particular panel makes me feel because of the action in the panel. In this panel, Hyathis thinks she has beaten Wonder Woman by using loud sounds from her plants to deafen Diana. So the panel looks as if the loud sound blasts waves at Diana. Her hair makes it looks like the noise blew like a wind at her. I love this shot!



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Ricardo Butler aka Rease Val Zod (Black Superman from Earth 2)