Season 1 Episode 1 – Revelation

The Kinsman Calling

By Ricardo Butler

Written Saturday, February 18th, 2017



The Solaire at the Plaza – R.E.A.L. Solutions; Offices of Rease Butler

The phone rings at 9:25 AM on Rease Butler’s phone at his office of R.E.A.L. Solutions.

Rease: “Hello! This is Rease Butler of Rease Equips Artistic Leaders. We offer solutions for creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders! How may I help you?”

Reyna: “Baby! Your brothers Raychard, Rameses, and Rock were arrested last night at some sort of bar! There was a fight and a shooting and …”

Rease: “Slow down! Slow down! What is going on? Start from the top.”

Reyna: “Well I got a call from Destiny and then later from Melody that your brothers got into a bar fight and Rock has caught a murder charge. They are saying he shot someone.”

Rease leans back into the chair at his desk, takes off his glasses as he rubs his forehead. Taking a deep breath and asks his wife …

Rease: “Anything else I need to know?”

Reyna: “Yes. Rickie was with them too. Nydia called me and told me about it. But for some reason he’s gone missing she said. No one knows where he is. The police are looking for him.”

Rease: “Hold on Rey, my secretary just stepped into my office. Something is wrong.

“Marie what is it?”

Marie: “Mr. Butler, sir! Turn on the TV. Your brothers are on the news, plus news reporters, as well as the police are in the lobby requesting to speak with you.”

Rease: “Jesus! Hon, I will talk to you later. I gotta go! Stay next to the phone and call if you find out anything more on Rickie and Rock.”

In the lobby, Rease meet with Orlando City Police detectives and reporters. He takes the detectives into the conference room and leaves reporters at the door with office security to guard the doors.

Detective Mann: “Hello, Mr. Butler. Long time, no see. It’s been years. I remember you when you were just a teenager getting into trouble on the streets. It looks like life has been good to you.”

Rease: “Hello Detective Anita Mann. And …”

Detective: “Detective Eddie Pagan. We are here to ask if you know of the whereabouts of your brother Rickie. Do you know where he is?”

Rease: “Believe it or not, I don’t know. I am just now hearing about the whole incident that happened at the bar. But I will be glad to let you know when I find out detectives.”

Detective Pagan: “Because if you are hiding him …”

Detective Man: “Detective Pagan that is enough! Well, it is nice to see you again Mr. Butler. If you hear anything here is my number.”

Rease: “Sure thing Detective Mann.”

As soon as the detectives leave and all of the reporters have been escorted out of the building Marie comes into Rease’s office again.

Marie: “Mr. Butler, you have another phone call. It’s your brothers, Raychard and Rameses on line 1.”

Rease: “Thanks Marie. Hello! What the hell happened?”

Raychard: “Bro, it all happened so fast. We all went to down to the Wing Shack, you know, the one on Michigan and Conway near the Winn Dixie. We would have invited you, but I know, as your business partner and brother that your plate is too full at the moment. So we went there to have a small celebration for Rickie. After all in five years, he finally proposed to Nydia. So we all drove out there in Rock’s Escalade …”

The Wing Shack on Michigan and Conway

As the four brothers, Rock, Raychard, Rameses, and Rickie pull up to the Wing Shack they walk to the entrance and begin to pick out seats. Rock sees the pool tables and suggests that they sit over there and play a few games.

Rock: “Come on pimpin’ let me whoop you up some on the pool table.”

Raychard: “Dude, I was whooping cats on this table when I was 12 and you were 4. You can’t hang with this bro.”

Rickie goes to the bar and asks the lady bartender for a pitcher of beer and four glasses then heads back to their table.

Rock: “Aight fellas, let’s get this party started right!” {Singing}

Rameses: “I’m good little bro. I’m not drinking. I’m a pastor or did you forget?”

Rock: “Naw, I didn’t forget. I just don’t care.” As Rock laughs. “It’s all good though. More for me then.”

Rameses: “By the way, since you are all drinking give me the keys to the truck. Somebody has to get us all home safely.”

Rickie: “Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll drink to that.”

Raychard: “Alright, settle down. Before we start, let’s make a toast to Rickie and Nydia. You finally did it bro, after five long years.” They all laugh, except Rickie. “May you and Nydia be together forever, that you have fun living, and may you have kids and be successful in all that you do in life. Ramses, will you do the honors.”

Rameses: “Sure. Let me stand up. I pray that God seal His work between you and that He bless you to love each other and serve one another as well as stay faithful through all the good and bad times. Thank You Father in advance, in Jesus’ name, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!”

The brothers continue to drink, joke, and play pool. As 30 minutes have passed, Rickie tells the others that he needs to step outside for a breather. A guy, intentionally it seems, bumps into Rameses as he is walking out of the bathroom.

Rameses: “Excuse you sir!”

Man: “What? Is there a problem?”

Rock: “Yea, there’s a problem.” Rock immediately punches him.

A brawl between the man and Rock breaks out. Rameses tries to break up the fight, but by then the man’s friends have jumped in. Raychard jumps up to help Rock as he sees a gun is pulled out. Rock spots it too but it’s too late.

During the struggle for the gun it goes off and the man is shot falling to the ground and Rock is left standing with the gun in his hands. The crowd, after running outside of the bar, observe through the windows sees it all. Cops roll up and witnesses point to Rock as the shooter.

Later, after all the witnesses have given their statements the 3 of the 4 brothers have been taken down to the 33rd Street Jail. They make first appearance on Monday morning as Rameses and Raychard are released on their own recognizance. Rock was not as lucky as he is now being charged with second degree murder.

Raychard: “And that’s what happened as we remember it Rease.”

Rease: “But where is Rickie? Nydia says he never came home last night.”

Raychard: “We don’t know. We didn’t get a chance to look. They took us straight to 33rd.”

Rease: “Well according to the news there is no mention of him even being with you guys at all. I guess the crowd at Wing Shack didn’t really notice him when he came in with you guys. Thanks Ray.”

Raychard: “We will find him bro. I promise.”

Rease: “We have to. He might be the key to all this. Maybe there is something he saw or heard that could help get Rock out of jail. He’s being held with no bond because of his pass criminal record. He’s a flight risk.”

Raychard: “Tell me about it. Alright keep us in the loop.”

Rease: “Sure thing. Take the day off and go rest. I’ll holla.”

As Rease leaves his office, he goes down the hall to the elevator, uses his fingerprint to push the up button, gets on the elevator, and goes up. He gets off on the 12th floor, walks down the end of the hall and enters his home. His family doesn’t seem to be home yet, so he decides to grab a bite to eat, turn on the TV and relax a bit. As soon as he settles in, still in his suit, the phone rings.

The Solaire at the Plaza – Rease Butler’s Condo

Rease: “Hello.”

Rickie: “Rease, it’s me, Rickie!”

Rease: “Where the hell have you been? The police are looking for you! Rock is in jail for murder! Where were you and what happened? They say you walked outside for a breather.”

Rickie: “Yea, I told them that because I saw something … I saw someone familiar outside. But I didn’t want to get the brothers involved until I was sure of who it was. So I walked outside and away from Wing Shack on the Firehouse Sub side of the Winn Dixie. I followed a lady all dressed in black. I couldn’t put a name to the little that I saw of her face. Then she stopped. As I walked up to say something I was attacked from behind. I think I was drugged by a needle. I don’t remember anything after that. The next thing I do remember was waking up at a dark unlit Lynx Bus stop on Curry Ford, near Goldenrod. It’s by those woods over there before you get to the light at Goldenrod. You know, across the street from the neighborhood where I grew up. After I woke, I just started walking and you were the first person I called. I tried the office a few minutes ago, but Marie said you had left early for the day. So I tried to hit you up at home. I assumed you wouldn’t have your cell on you so I didn’t even bother to call that number.”

Rease: “Well it’s about time you called. We are all worried sick. Nydia is with Destiny freaking out. And Melody is with them in a worse state because of Rock being charged with murder.”

Rease begins from the top to tell Rickie what happened after Rickie stepped outside. Then told him about what was reported on the news and how Detective Mann from back in the days and how she stopped by for questions.

Rease: “Where are you now?”

Rickie: “I’m heading towards the McDonalds on Semoran.”

Rease: “Alright, but don’t go in there. Everybody will recognize your face. You’ve been all over the news. Just sit tight at the bus stop over there by the Prince of Peace church on Curry Ford. I am going to swing by and pick you up. Then I’m going to call the brothers and meet at your apartment with all the girls. We will let all the kids play together in the playground behind your apartment.”

Rickie: “Bet.”

About 45 minutes later four of the brothers and their female partners meet at Rickie’s apartment.

Shenandoah Apartments – Rickie DeLaCruz’s Apartment

Rickie has explained the same thing he told his oldest brother Rease to the rest of his family of his whereabouts during the shooting. At Rickie’s apartment is Rease and his wife Reyna and their 3 kids, Raychard, Pastor Rameses and his wife Destiny and their 2 little girls, Rickie’s fiancé Nydia, and Rock’s girlfriend Melody and their two kids.

Rickie: “Look, all I’m saying is that whoever this lady was, she was familiar. She knew me and I think I recognized her. If I could just see more of her face, I could tell you exactly who she was, but I didn’t see much. On the flip side, I think she is someone we all know, but I can’t even guess or figure out who she was. These dudes overpowered me and whatever drug they shot up in me still got my head a little woozy.”

Nydia: “Babe, drink some more water. You need to re-hydrate.”

Melody: “Well I don’t know what the hell is going on, but my man is locked up for murder and we need to do something. I know my man, he may get into a lot of trouble, he has anger issues, and he may love to fight A LOT! But one thing for sure is that he is not afraid of a fistfight. Turning to guns is not his style. I do NOT believe that my man took a gun inside that bar. This crap does not make sense to me.”

Raychard: “Check it out; I got some military police buddies who are reservists now. They work for Orlando Police Department with … what are those detectives names Rease?”

Rease: “Detectives Anita Mann and Eddie Pagan.”

Raychard: “Maybe something turned up in the evidence: fingerprints, angles of the shots fire, camera footage, or even a witness testimony. Someone is lying on our baby brother and I intend to find out. I will talk to my army buddies and see what’s up.”

Reyna: “Listen guys, before we do anything rash, let us go about doing everything the right way. If we take matters into our own hands then we are no better then whoever set up Rickie.”

Destiny: “Reyna, is right guys. We have to bring Rock home the right way. He’s got Melody and a little boy and little girl to come home to. How about you say a prayer for us all hon?”

Rameses: “Sure. Dear Father, I don’t know what’s going on—we don’t know what’s going on—but this is all in your hands. Give us wisdom and understanding of Your ways. Let us acknowledge that You are all knowing and all powerful. You can do things that we can’t. We need Your favor right now upon each and every one of us. Please watch over Rock, my brother who is a father, an uncle, and brother-in-law, and friends to us all. He may be wild sometimes and he may not truly believe in You yet Father, but You can use this to begin the process of bringing him around. Do not let any of us become bitter in this situation. Draw this family closer together and open doors for us to get Rock back out and home to us all, especially to his family. We thank You in advance Father, in Jesus’ name and authority, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!”

All the family members begin to make their way to their own homes from Rickie’s apartment. Raychard begins his mission to find out what is going on.

Orlando Police Department

Raychard: “Hey AJ! What’s good brother? How have you been man?”

Officer AJ: “I’m good Ray! It’s good to see you again out of those army greens.” They laugh together.

Raychard: “I need a favor AJ …”

AJ: “Oh no you don’t Ray. I already know what you’re gonna ask. I cannot help you there brother. That is out of my jurisdiction.”

Raychard: “What? You didn’t even give me a chance to finish.”

AJ: “Because, like I said, I already know what you’re going to ask me. I know it’s concerning your brother. There is nothing I can do about it man.”

Raychard: “Look AJ, all I am asking you to do is keep an ear out. You know and maybe holla at Greg and see if he can keep an ear out as well. We were all buddies back in the Army. Just help a brother out so I can help my brother out.”

AJ: He sighs: “I tell you man. You know I can’t say no to you after all that you did for me back in Louisiana. I’ll tell you what, I will talk to Greg, and because he works closer with the detectives on that case then I do, to keep his eyes out for anything. I will look and ask around and see what I can find. But you need to stay out of this man. I know you Ray! Stay out of this. The Cap doesn’t like you or your brothers too tough man.”

Ray: “Thanks Scoop! I knew I could depend on you man. You’re the best!”

AJ: “And don’t call me that. I hate that name!”

The Solaire at the Plaza – R.E.A.L. Solutions; Office of Raychard Carter

A day later while Raychard is at R.E.A.L. Solutions in his office, he gets a call.

Marie: “Mr. Carter, Officer Aubrey Jackson on line two.”

Raychard: “Thanks Marie! Hello! Whatcha got for me AJ?”

AJ: “Look man, it’s worse then it is. I think there is a cover-up Ray. I found the original video recordings of the incident. I heard they were talking about disposing of them. I couldn’t tell who the voice was talking in the lab, but I swiped the video from their PCs when I overheard them. I viewed the video. From the angle shown it appears that the man who attacked Rock at the bar pulled the gun out. As they were struggling with the gun, the man turned it on himself. It looks like though Rock was trying to keep the man from shooting him, he realized that the man turned the gun on himself as Rock tried to stop him. So when the man fell, it made it look like Rock was holding the gun standing over the dead man’s body.”

Raychard: “Are you freaking kidding me!?!”

AJ: “Naw bro. You know me. I’m not much of a joker. I got to get out of here with this and get it too you. I don’t want to email it to you over police computers. Then they will know it was a cop on the inside who was not assigned to the case.”

Raychard: “Just get it to me how you can. As a matter of fact, meet me at the Amvets Post 30 on the west side of town. You know the one that be a club at night for the older folks.”

Church Offices of Ambassadorial Peacemakers Ministry Center

Raychard: “I told you something wasn’t right Rease!”

Pastor Rameses: “Calm down Raychard. Where and how did you get this?”

Raychard: “From one of my army contacts inside of the OPD.”

Rease: “What were you thinking man? You can get us all in trouble with this mess!”

Raychard: “Rease, I don’t know about you, but I refuse to stand here and let our brother go down for some political BS! It’s not right Rease!”

Rameses: “Ray! CALM DOWN!”

Raychard: “All I’m saying is … is that we got to take this to someone! Who can we trust?”

Rease: “I’m going to have to take this to my lawyers. And see if they can take a look at this. These are the only lawyers I trust. They can figure all this out. This might be what we need to clear Rock and our family name in this city.”

A loud noise can be heard as the door is knocked on and opened widely.

Melody: “Let me see it! Where is it? I want to see the video!”

Rease: “Melody?! You told her Ray?”

Raychard: “I didn’t say anything to anyone. I brought this straight to you two.”

Rameses: “I told her. She has the right to know that her children’s father and our brother is innocent.”

Melody: “Don’t play with me Rease. SHOW … ME … THE … VIDEO! NOW!!!”

Rameses: “Calm down Melody. Rease play the video.”

As the four of them watch the video, tears run down Melody’s face as she realizes that she was right and that Rock did not kill that man. How could she explain to their two kids that their father is a murderer and that’s why he couldn’t be in their lives because he is doing a life sentence?

Melody: “Thanks God!!”

Rameses: “Yes, thank God Melody. But the new problem is now we have to explain to the authorities how we got this video. We have a great challenge on our hands brothers. This is not going to be easy. God can only favor us in what is right according to His Word, but He will not cover us for STEALING this video from the police.”

Rease: “Well, tell God to find us some good lawyers on our legal team because the media is going to have a field day with this.”

Somewhere in Richmond Heights

Unknown man speaks over the phone: “The brothers have no clue what is about to go down. We will remind them that they belong to this family and it is not in their best interest to stray away from us.”

Another unknown voice replies: “Well until the time is right for us to reveal ourselves our time for vengeance on the five brothers is at hand.”



IN THE NEXT EPISODE: “The Anonymous Trick”


  • A female from the five brother’s family past returns.
  • The brothers find out bad news from the lawyers.
  • And Pastor Rameses is caught with another woman.

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