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The Kinsmen Calling

The Kinsmen Calling

The Kinsman Calling

The Kinsmen Calling a new real world style web novel (which will ultimately turn into a PDF e-book, Kindle book, and then physical book) that I am writing. The five main characters are designed to serve as an example on how to help you show that your life matters and that you have a powerful purpose that will aid you in shaping your powerful identity and destiny. I explain that no matter how hard your journey through this life is, or what side of town you were born on, that you were created to do something that if you weren’t born or if you forfeit your purpose the world would miss the opportunity for positive change that only you could have provided all of us. – Author Ricardo Butler aka Rease Val Zod

The Kinsmen Calling Character Profiles

Real Name: Ricardo Butler

Nick Name: Rease

Age: 38

Temperamental Type: Balanced (all things to all people) type

Social Type: A mature mixture of all his younger brothers

Favorite Rapper: Nas

Career: Founder/CEO of R.E.A.L. Solutions LLC (A small business firm that helps creative, innovative, and artistic entrepreneurial startups)

Drives: 2017 Dodge Charger R/T & 2017 Chrysler 300C Platinum

Lingo Type: Adaptive in communication

Significant Other: Reyna Butler (Wife)

Kids: 3 Kids (2 girls, 1 boy)

Favorite Comics: DC Comics Fan

Strength: Leadership skills

Weakness: Indecision

Subject/Topic he deals with: Corruption in Leadership

Real Name: Raychard Carter

Nick Name: Agent Rico Dart

Age: 36

Temperamental Type: Analytical

Social Type: Army/Business Guy

Favorite Rapper: Royce Da 5’9”

Career: President of R.E.A.L. Solutions LLC and Undercover CIA Agent (Spy)

Drives: 2017 Lexus GS F Sport

Lingo Type: Army Lingo

Significant Other: Divorced from Roxy Carter

Kids: 1 daughter

Favorite Comics: Transformers Fan

Strength: Strategic and Tactical Thinker

Weakness: Alcohol

Subject/Topic he deals with: Spy Tales

Real Name: Rameses Johnson

Nick Name: Pastor Real / Realize

Age: 34

Temperamental Type: Amiable

Social Type: Christian/Church type of guy

Favorite Rapper: Phanatik of Cross Movement

Career: Apostle, Teacher, Pastor of Ambassadorial Peacemakers Ministry Center

Drives: 2017 Dodge Durango SXT Plus

Lingo Type: Proper and Church Folk Talk

Significant Other: Destiny Johnson (Wife)

Kids: 2 Kids (2 girls)

Favorite Comics: The Word of God & Archies Comics

Strength: Compassion for all even enemies

Weakness: Lust for women

Subject/Topic he deals with: Hypocrisy among church leaders

Real Name: Rickie DeLaCruz

Nick Name: Scene aka Rickie Dollarz

Age: 30

Temperamental Type: Expressive

Social Type: Hip-Hop/College/Techie Guy

Favorite Rapper: Sean Price aka Big Ruck (RIP)

Career: Hip-Hop Artists/Poet/DJ/Radio DJ/Club Promoter/Event & Tour Planner/Break Dancer

Drives: 1993 Honda Accord LX (hooked up of course) and 2002 Toyota Supra

Lingo Type: New Yorican/Hip-Hop/Old school lingo

Significant Other: Engaged to be married to Nydia Rodriguez

Kids: None Yet

Favorite Comics: Dragon Ball, Z, GT, & Super

Strength: Ability to stay calm and keep others calm

Weakness: Isolation (tends to isolate himself from others or isolate others from him)

Subject/Topic he deals with: Shady and deceptive record labels and radio stations; dumb down and subliminal messages in music.

Real Name: Rock Sanders

Nick Name: Cut-Lo

Age: 28

Temperamental Type: Driver

Social Type: Thug/Street Tough/Gang guy

Favorite Rapper: T.I.

Career: Various hustles in the street (both legal and illegal), regular 9-to-5s working for other people

Drives: 2017 Cadillac CTS Sedan & 2017 Cadillac Escalade

Lingo Type: Dirty South/Trap/Street/Gang Lingo

Significant Other: Melody Brandy (Girlfriend)

Kids: 2 kids (1 girl and 1 boy)

Favorite Comics: Marvel

Strength: Confident in himself, very loyal to brothers and his homies

Weakness: Anger and Prideful

Subject/Topic he deals with: Gang, Guns, and Street Violence



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